[Cell Fusion C] TRE.AC Daily Trouble Care Foam Cleanser

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TRE.AC Daily Trouble Care Foam Cleanser is a gentle yet effective solution crafted specifically for acne-prone skin. Designed to keep your skin clean and clear, this mild facial foam cleanser goes beyond surface cleaning, targeting fine dust, excess sebum, and dead skin cells.

Benefits of this Product:

  • Deep Cleansing for Acne-Prone Skin: Experience thorough cleansing for acne-prone skin, removing impurities like fine dust, sebum, and dead skin cells.

  • Amino Acid-Based Cleansing Agents: Enriched with amino acid-based cleansing agents, this foam cleanser ensures a mild yet effective cleansing experience.

  • Plant-Based Soothing Agents: Harness the power of plant-based soothing agents to calm and nurture your skin during the cleansing process.

  • Clinically Tested Acne Functional Cleanser: Rest easy knowing that this foam cleanser has undergone clinical testing, proving its efficacy as an acne functional cleanser.

Unveil a clearer complexion with a cleansing experience tailored for the unique needs of acne-prone skin.

    SIZE: 130ml

    Customer Reviews

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    My face is so bright

    This facial cleanser has my face so smooth and bright like I've had a chemical peel!!! Most facial washes dry out my skin but this one left me feel refreshed and clean.

    Great foam cleanser for oily skin!

    "I have other Cell Fusion C facial products that I absolutely adore so I was hopeful this Cell Fusion C Daily Trouble Care Foam Cleanser would be another quality product that is a great fit for my skin.

    I have oily, sensitive and allergy prone skin. It is difficult to find skin care that works well for me as usually products are good for one or the other. This foam cleaner arrived sealed and was easily squeezed out of the bottle into my hands. It was easy to apply to my face and spread around to clean. It washed off easily.

    With my oily skin, the Cell Fusion C Foam Cleanser left my skin feeling amazing! So soft, not oily at all, not dry and with out being too harsh on my skin.

    I would not consider this product moisturizing but thats what I love about it. I can see where someone with normal to dry skin might find this too drying but its great for me!

    The only con is that it does have a noticeable lavender scent. Its not super strong but I really wish this was unscented. Id love to make this part of my regular routine but the lavender scent irritated my eyes even though I didnt get any of the cleanser in or around my eyes. I am more sensitive to scents than most people are so its very possible that others might not think twice about it or mind it at all. Unfortunately its too much for me. I hope one day Cell Fusion C will offer an unscented version of this Daily Trouble Care Foam Cleanser. That would be amazing."