[Cell Fusion C] Post Alpha First Cooling Mask (27g* 5 sheets)

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Introducing the Post Alpha First Cooling Sheet Mask, a skincare revelation designed to elevate your self-care routine. This innovative mask delivers an immediate cooling sensation upon application, working to lower skin temperature, soothe irritation, and reduce redness. Revel in the refreshing and comfortable feel that accompanies this transformative experience.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Beauty Temperature Maintenance: keep your skin at the perfect beauty temperature with our ice-cooling mask. This unique formulation ensures a gentle and invigorating cooling effect that revitalizes your complexion.

  2. Soothing Hydrogel: immerse yourself in the luxury of a cooling sheet saturated in hydrogel. Designed to relieve flushed and irritated skin, this mask provides a soothing embrace, leaving you with a calm and refreshed sensation.

  3. Non-Menthol Formula: say goodbye to irritation with our non-menthol formula. The cold hydrogel delivers a cooling effect without the need for menthol, ensuring a soothing experience that caters to even the most sensitive skin types.

  4. Rapid Cold Cooling: experience an instant cooling effect that evolves with our rapid cold cooling mask. Feel the freshness intensify as the mask continues to cool, creating a dynamic and revitalizing skincare experience.

  5. Moisture Charge: in addition to its cooling prowess, this mask acts as a moisture charge for dry skin. Imbued with hydrating elements, it replenishes and revitalizes, leaving your skin moisturized and ready to face the day.

Transform your skincare routine with the Post Alpha First Cooling Sheet Mask—a fusion of innovation and indulgence that pampers your skin with a cool, refreshing, and moisturizing touch. Elevate your self-care experience and embrace the beauty of skin that feels revitalized and deeply nourished.

Alcohol, fragrance, and essential oil-free. 

    SIZE: 5 sheets

    Customer Reviews

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    Immediate relief

    The Cell Fusion C Post Alpha First Cooling Sheet Mask offered immediate relief from the hot weather and/or skin irritation with how cooling it felt on contact. My face was hydrated and less red after a 20 minute application. I also like to use them refrigerated for extra cooling effect.

    Believe in Miracles
    when they said cooling they meant it ! Haha

    "I usually keep my face mask sheets in the minifridge to keep them cool but with this one I didn't need to.
    So that's what made give this one the perfect 5 stars right there.
    This mask, wherever you store it, really feels cool on the face , which makes it great after working out, or face acupuncture massages.
    I am trying to do at home face massages to prolong and enhance the effects of facials I get at spa. While doing messages on the face is beneficial, it also makes your face a bit hot during and after (because of pressures). This one has been just perfect for me to cool down the skin after the massage :)
    I am a skincare addict, and I don't get easily impressed by the facial mask sheets ..but I would say this one was pleasantly surprising in a good way.
    I cannot say this moisturizes the face a lot better than others though. But for me, its cooling effect alone made this worth its price. I can take this mask with me for outdoor activities and put on the face after taking a shower (where I cannot carry my minifridge with me lol)
    I think it's worth trying"

    Best cooling sheet mask ever

    I use this after intense workout, summer hot days, or whenever I have hot flashes on my face. Perfect for sensitive skin that wants instant and sustained cooling effect - the cooling isnt one of those menthol-like artificial cooling feels where youre confused if your skin is cooling or just chemically activated. After you take off the sheet mask to finish up with other skincare, you can actually feel at your finger tips that your face is noticeably cooler than other parts of your skin. Highly recommend.