[Cell Fusion C] Post Alpha Calming Down Cream

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    Experience the ultimate blend of moisture and natural tone correction with Post Alpha Calming Down Cream. This unique formulation is designed to elevate your skincare routine, providing a range of benefits for your skin.

    Key Benefits:

    • Green Color Formula: infused with natural ingredients, our green color formula works harmoniously to improve skin tone. Unlock the power of nature for a radiant and even complexion.

    • Skin Tone Correction: Post Alpha Calming Down Cream is crafted with precision to assist in natural tone correction. Enhance your skin's inherent beauty with regular use.

    • Cooling and Calming: immerse your skin in the refreshing sensation of our cooling and calming cream. Instantly hydrate your skin while experiencing a soothing effect, leaving you feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

    Revitalize your skincare routine with Post Alpha Calming Down Cream—an oasis of hydration and tone correction for a naturally beautiful and refreshed complexion.

SIZE: 50ml

Customer Reviews

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Order delivered to a different Country!

My order was delayed a lot , and upon tracking the order I came to know that it was delivered to the USA and my address is in the UK!!

Best moisturiser for combo skin

I have combination skin prone to deep dry whitehead but this never breaks me out and always makes me skin look glassy

Reduced blotchiness after derma rolling

This cream is wonderful to help smooth skin after a superficial (.25mm) facial derma rolling session. Normally, Im left with red splotches that are normally seen the next day. After applying this calming down cream, I notice less red splotches afterwards and literally are going the following morning. This cream feels so soothing without being greasy and my skin just soaks it up. There is a slight fragrance that I dont mind at all but some might.

LOVE - Super Soothing

"I have super dry and sensitive skin and this feels wonderful. It is very luxurious and feels soothing - it sinks into your skin pretty quickly. This green cream feels it has serum inside and I think the green color helps to tone down any redness on my skin. My skin just drank this up and it feels so smooth and supple now. I am using a pea-sized twice a day. It works well with my other skincare with no weird pilling or stickiness. It has a slight floral scent but nothing overwhelming.

This package comes safety sealed with a foil. It comes in a basic heavy-duty frosted plastic jar with white lid in a paper box. It is recyclable and made in Korea. The jar contains 50ml."