[Cell Fusion C] TRE.AC Pore Tox Pad (60 pads)

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  • Introducing TRE.AC Pore Tox Pad, a daily skincare essential comprising 60 pads tailored for those with sensitive, moisture-deficient skin. This innovative pad is designed to effortlessly tighten pores without causing irritation.

    Key Benefits:

    1. Instant Pore Tightening: Experience the immediate effects of tightened pores with just one use of these pads.

    2. Next-Generation PHA Peeling: Specifically formulated for sensitive skin, the pads feature a next-generation Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) peeling solution, ensuring gentle exfoliation without concerns.

    3. pH 4.5 for Healthy Skin Base Care: With a pH level of 4.5, this pad contributes to maintaining a healthy skin base, providing the perfect canvas for your skincare routine.

    4. Immediate Sebum Reduction: Effectively reduce enlarged pores by addressing accumulated sebum, promoting a smoother and clearer complexion.

    5. PHA Infusion for Daily Peeling: Infused with PHA, these pads not only remove dead skin cells but also moisturize the skin, making it safe for daily use, particularly beneficial for sensitive skin types.

    Elevate your daily skincare routine with TRE.AC Pore Tox Pad, your solution for refined pores and radiant, nourished skin.

    Alcohol, fragrance and essential oil-free.

SIZE: 60 pads

Customer Reviews

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Great toner pads

I use these as a toner after I wash my face and before I apply any serums or moisturizer. They work great to help tighten my pores and pick up anything my face wash missed. Usually I skip using any sort of included tweezers but these pads are a bit thinner and using the tweezers makes it much easier to get just one.


This product is showing gradual improvement, and I can tell this product will work overtime, so I am pleased at this time. I noticed a difference in the first use. And I did not experience any irritation with this product.

Very Nice

These do an excellent job cleaning skin and helping with breakout prone places. Because they are pre-soaked pads it makes it very easy for my teen to do some self care without much time or mess all over the counter. I've definitely noticed a reduction in breakouts on them especially around the nose and chin areas.