[Cell Fusion C] TRE.AC Moisture Gel Oint

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  • TRE.AC Moisture Gel Oint: Your Solution for Balanced Hydration and Oil Control

    Introducing TRE.AC Moisture Gel Oint, is a dynamic gel-type moisturizer meticulously crafted to replenish and regulate skin moisture while effectively controlling excess oil. This unique formulation harmonizes the skin's moisture and sebum levels, promoting a visibly healthier complexion.

    Key Benefits:

    • Fresh and Lightweight Finish: this gel ointment-type moisturizer is designed to provide a fresh and lightweight finishing touch, ensuring your skin feels invigorated and free from heaviness.

    • Natural Purification: enriched with natural salicylic acid and natural pectin, this innovative formula works diligently to purify old keratin, excess sebum, and deep-seated impurities within the pores, promoting clearer and revitalized skin.

    • Oil-Control and Refreshed Skin: achieve optimal moisture-oil balance as this gel moisturizer keeps excess oil under control. The result? Skin that feels refreshed, balanced, and visibly revitalized.

    • Quick Absorption, Non-Sticky Formula: the gel formulation is expertly crafted for swift absorption into the skin, leaving behind a refreshing and non-sticky finish. Enjoy the benefits of deeply nourished skin without the unwanted residue.

    Elevate your skincare routine with TRE.AC Moisture Gel Oint—a transformative moisturizer that brings harmony to your skin's hydration and oil balance for a radiant and refreshed complexion.


SIZE: 100ml

Customer Reviews

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light gel with mild scent

I'm always interested in Korean skincare products and was very curious about the redness relief of this "moisture gel oint". I have pretty sensitive skin with rosacea and typically am hesitant to use anything unfamiliar on my cheeks, so I usually start with a test patch on my jaw area for several days. This product has a lovely consistency, and most importantly, a very mild quickly dissipating scent. I did not experience any issues with sensitivity, so I tried it sparingly on my face. Again, the consistency is very nice, and leaves no tacky feeling. I haven't experienced any reduction in my redness, but it is not irritating, and gives me enough moisture after cleansing. I will finish this tube, and update my review if I see any improvement in redness.

Combo skin

Leaves you feeling moisturized but not greasy. Great for combination skin. Soothing for sensitive/redness prone skin. Does have a bit of a strong scent but not an unpleasant one