[Cell Fusion C] Low pH pHarrier Moisture Cream

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Introducing our Low pH pHarrier Moisture Cream, a nourishing solution crafted specifically for dry and sensitive skin. This hydrating cream, enriched with a blend of carefully selected ingredients, delivers a multitude of benefits for your daily skincare routine.

Key Features:

  1. Hydration Tailored to Your Skin: formulated with a low pH level, the pHarrier Moisture Cream is designed to cater to the unique needs of dry and sensitive skin. It provides a surge of hydration, addressing your skin's specific requirements.

  2. Five Moisture Functions: experience the power of five moisture functions that this cream brings to your daily skincare ritual. It goes beyond basic hydration to offer a comprehensive solution for maintaining skin health.

Alcohol, fragrance and essential oil-free.


    SIZE: 80ml

    Customer Reviews

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    A small amount goes a long way

    My wife uses it daily before sunscreen, and it works very well for her. She has combination skin, with an oily t-area, and although this cream also moisturizes, it does not leave a sensation of shine or greasy on her face. The size is quite good compared to the price since a small amount is enough for a large area of her face.

    A nice cream

    This is a nice cream that doesn't leave you face feeling greasy. It absorbs quickly and is great for dry skin. I didn't really see any "soothing" of my irritated skin, but it is still great if your skin needs a little extra moisture.

    Love this Cell Fusion C cream for my sensitive skin!

    "I was able to apply this Cell Fusion C low pH Moisture Cream easily and quickly across my face and even better, theres no scent!
    Im sensitive to fragrances in addition to having sensitive skin that is prone to allergies. I also have oily skin. Its difficult to find skincare that works well for all of those things but this product was not a problem for me at all. This left my face shine-free and with out irritation.
    I really love all of Cell Fusion Cs Low pH product line. Cant go wrong with this brand!
    Ive been very happy with how well this has been working for me. I would definitely recommend this to others!"