[KIZTOZ] Pre-order set B

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Kiztoz Pre-order set B

Configuration : Sun lotion 80ml + Cleansing Tissue (30 sheets) * 5

[Kiztoz The Mild Sun Lotion] 

About this Item

This kid, infant and baby sun Lotion is 100% non-nano zinc-oxide SPF 50+. No nano particles and no harsh chemicals meaning it is good for your child

Product Benefits

- Non-sticky, non-chalky sunscreen 

- Sun protection + soothing and moisturizing your child's skin

- Physical sun protection

- Sunscreen that doesn't irritate the eye area (*tested)

Sun Protection Factor : SPF 50+


[Kiztoz The Mild Cleansing Tissue]

Size : 30 (sheets) * 5ea

About this Item

This kid, infant and baby Cleansing Tissue is specially formulated to be gentle on children's skin, providing a simple, clean way to remove sunscreen, and are made with a soft embossed pad that is gentle enough to be reapplied to your child's skin. 

Product Benefits

- Sunscreen and removing dirt from your child's face and body 

- Use plant-based cleaning ingredients (*Coco-glucoside)

- Cleansing Tissue that doesn't irritate the eye area (*tested)

Fabric of the Tissue  : A combination of pure cotton and embossed pads

Sun Lotion 80ml + Cleansing Tissue 30 sheets * 5ea: set B