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New information on Cell Fusion C


date : 2017.09.12



Q: Recently I am having some dark spots on my skin and my skin texture feels very rough after spending some time outside during summertime, maybe because of the strong sun. I feel occasional redness and hotness, and found some skin troubles such as freckles, and skin feels extremely dry. I would like to know how I can restore my skin condition back to normal as it was before the summer vacation. How do I treat my sensitive skin at home?


A: Hello, I am Dr. Lee Jae Bong from Widwin dermatology. It is typical for the skin to be exhausted and becomes sensitive when exposed to sun for longer hours due to extended outside activities during summer. Strong UV rays easily cause skin redness and hotness, and also water loss of the skin, resulting sebum increase. At this time, proper skincare is more than necessary in order to prevent various skin troubles.


First, you need to thoroughly cleanse your skin to remove any remaining dirt and residues deep in pores. Cell Fusion C Physiological Cleansing Gel is recommended for its excellent cleansing ability as well as safe formula with natural surfactants. The important step is lowering your skin temperature. Use facial masks to immediately lower the skin temperature, and also soothing cream will help lock moisture inside your skin. Next, you need to restrain melanin generation to prevent freckles, hyperpigmentation and other kinds of skin troubles. However carefully use brightening products as it could be irritating to your current skin condition, so use those 10-14days later when your skin is soothed and relaxed. The last important is keratin care. Thick layers of keratins need to be removed with mild exfoliator. If you use too strong exfoliator or force to remove them, your skin protection layer can be defected and result uneven trouble marks to your skin.


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